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Invited Session Proposals

Invited Sessions consist of six papers addressing a unifying theme from a variety of perspectives. The invited session organizer submits an invited session proposal, consisting of a title, a description of the theme of the proposed session, titles and abstracts for the six papers that constitute the session, and, ideally, a brief explanation of how the papers relate to each other and support the session theme.

The steps for submitting an Invited Session Proposal are as follows:

1)      Before the submission deadline for the invited session proposals, submit an “Invited Session Proposal” at the papercept AIM 2016 website and choose the “Submit a contribution to AIM 2016”. All Session Organizers and Co-Organizers must already have papercept accounts. You can create an account at the same website.

2)      Once the Invited Session Proposal has been submitted, a unique PIN number will be generated by the papercept system with the acknowledgement email sent to the organizers. The session organizer should keep and use this PIN number.

3)      The organizer should send the session PIN number to all authors of the papers listed in the invited session proposal. The authors of all of the six papers in the invited session should use the session PIN number when they submit their own invited session papers under “Invited Session Paper “ submission link at before the submission deadline for the invited session papers.

Session organizers are responsible for recruiting authors for their sessions and for ensuring that invited authors use the correct PIN for their invited session. Session organizers should provide the PIN to authors well in advance of the invited paper deadline, which is the same as the contributed paper deadline.

Individual invited papers are submitted independently by their authors, and are reviewed following the same procedure as for contributed papers. All invited papers are subject to the same guidelines as contributed papers, including page limits, over-page charges and file size limits. Authors of invited papers should carefully review those guidelines, as described above. Authors of invited papers are responsible for their own registration fees and over-page charges.  

Additional information on paper preparation may be found via the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society here, including templates for LaTex and Word support.


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